I’ve been sucked into the foodie blogosphere, which is at once a yummy exploration and at the same time excruciatingly masochistic as my food options here in Sierra Leone are limited.

It isn’t a surprise to find that almost every food blog has an index of diet friendly recipes. But, what has surprised me is that every food blog has so many categories of diets.

It seems to be a very Western notion to describe one’s diet; like we are using our food choices as a way to add to our list of labels. It’s kind of a funny way in which we identify ourselves. “Hi, I’m Saundra and I’m wheat free, sugar free, and vegetarian though I eat fish…” (I’m none of those, btw).

Even for those of us who, thankfully, have no food allergies, we still tend to adhere to a diet or label our noshing habits. And inevitably, it changes with time, with age, with new research, and probably most often with new food fads.

I went from SAD, to vegetarian, to organic, to local, to whole foods, to omnivore (yes, I’ve always eaten dairy). These days, in my grass fed meat eating/raw milk/pastured eggs/organic/local veg eating life, I find the Weston A. Price dietary guidelines make the most sense.  They are research based and advocate grass fed meat, lots of good fats, and raw milk from pastured cows.

Any diet recommending butter is a diet for me! Check them out:



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