Confinement Yoga

I’m not one who exercises-at least not in the gym rat sort of way. But I do practice yoga fairly often. My yoga practice ebbs and flows according to how much time and extra cash I have, since I’m terrible at motivating to get out my mat at home. When I’m living abroad, it’s another story. In most of the places I’ve lived, I’ve had little freedom of movement because of the security or context of the place. Taking walks is limited and there certainly aren’t any yoga classes around. So, I get into a routine of doing yoga regularly on my own. (Below is a photo of me with my mat in the deserts of Chad.)tamam My all time favorite video series is with Bryan Kest. You just have to watch a minute or two of his video to see why. The hair, the white suits, the oh-so hands on pose assists. I guarantee it will keep you on your mat for the entire 53 minutes. Enjoy!


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