The Battle to Zero

Matter magazine published an article on the loss of one of Sierra Leone’s most talented physicians, Dr. Sheik Hummar Khan. The Ebola outbreak has taken an enormous toll on the health system, with the death of hundreds of skilled clinicians who became infected whilst caring for Ebola patients.

Ebola has terrified communities, with its devastating case fatality rate and rapid onset. While we’ve seen the incidence rate decline dramatically over the past two months, new cases ARE still being confirmed. Where one case equates to an outbreak, the on going confirmation of new cases is frustrating efforts to eradicate the virus.

I’m currently working in Sierra Leone on health programming with an international organization. It’s very evident that the outbreak has and will continue to have long term effects on social and economic recovery. Schools have closed, businesses have shut down, movement is restricted, hundreds of children have been orphaned and the stigma survivors face leaves them with an uncertain future.

The road to recovery won’t end with zero cases, but first we just have to get to ZERO.


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