Something in the Air

Ok, NOW spring is coming.  Telltale sign : 9 inches of snow overnight turning into a beautiful sunny day in the 40’s.  I love March weather.  It’s unpredictable, but lighthearted.

It’s been a busy week as I’m trying to cram in as many farm-y events as possible before lambing and gardening begins.  Yes, LAMBING.

I’ve visited a couple of friends’ farms lately to see their ewes and newborn lambs. They just steal my heart.  Those baby lambs are utterly irresistible.  I think lambs may be the singular expression of God’s pure joy.  More than any other baby animal, lambs make my heart hurt.

I’m not raising sheep this year, but my friends down the road have an impressive flock and I fully intend to get on the lambing rotation during those first two weeks of May when 150 ewes will give birth. It’s THE best time of the year. Better than the first ripe tomatos, even better than when cows are turned out to pasture.  And that’s a hard one to beat.

My dream farm is a raw milk dairy and dual purpose sheep for food and fiber.  Wouldn’t it be lovely?


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